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Verrutop - A new treatment for verrucae

Updated: Feb 7

Verrutop is our brand new treatment for verrucae and warts on the hands and feet. It's quick and effective, with a high clearance rate, and unlike other treatments, Verrutop is a *painless application.

How does Verrutop work?

  • The overlying area is debrided back by the podiatrist. This is to help the Nitri-zinc complex to absorb into the lesion.

  • The Verrutop is then applied to the affected area or areas via a small capillary tube.

  • The surface of the verruca is covered in the solution, and the verruca may change colour and appear white/yellow.

  • The application is applied by the podiatrist once every 14 days for a maximum of 6 treatments, although 80% of patients saw clearance within 4 treatments.

  • Between appointments, at-home use of daily surgical spirit to the verruca will be needed, and this can be provided by us.

  • Over the course of the treatment, the verruca goes through a series of colour changes before automatically detaching.

Why is Verrutop a good choice?

It is a topical, non-invasive treatment which is *pain-free to most people. It is also a useful treatment option for children suffering with verrucae as it can be used from 6 years of age.

Verrutop treatments are £40 per session, or £200 for a block of 6 sessions. All patients will need an initial consultation with one of our podiatrists first. Please contact us to book an appointment.

A list of benefits for Verrutop verruca treatment, with image of feet

*No pain has been reported in clinical studies, either during application or after


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